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    I wasn't calling you a liar. I'm sure that's where they say they're from.

    Here's why I don't believe they're a national guard unit:

    1) Unmarked vehicles. Why? also why all the comms kit on the roof?
    2) No one's fat. Honestly, how many times have you seen some fat national guard bloke. These blokes are all lean and fit looking.
    3) All wearing shades. Chad as fuck but they love that shit.
    4) Military appearance. Despite ostensibly not wearing uniform they all have khakis, military boots, some have punisher caps. Whenever police out of uniform suddenly pull weapons the first thing they do is put police caps on to help them identify each other and prevent blue on blue. Look at the backpacks, they all look like military issue and are uniform. Look at the picture on your first link. The national guard guys are wearing military fatigues, why would the national guard not wear fatigues. It makes them easy to identify, helps them do their job. but these guys are all in civvies. Why?
    5) Ear pieces. How many regular units wear ear pieces.
    6) Backpacks. Why do they have backpacks? My guess is they're all carrying larger weapons but can't openly. What else would they have in there?

    I personally do not think these guys are regular national guard, though I wasn't doubting the veracity of your report. Like I said if these guys all come out and say 'Nope, we're just a support team' then I'll wind my neck in but I doubt they will.
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