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    If you read back mate it started because of something Alex Jones said, some conspiracy theory saying that there were SEALS there and it was a false flag attack.

    I just responded by saying you would expect them to be there, and then we had a bit of back and forth over whether the blokes were SF or not.

    The latter argument was more for shits and giggles, but in the general sense it is important to identify who people are and what they are doing there to kill all the conspiracy theories dead. One of the possible SEALS also had a device which could be construed as a detonator, though increasingly looks like an NBC detector.

    I take your point, exactly who they are is irrelevant but I do think it's probably very important to know generally what they were doing there. Otherwise a lot of Americans, specifically those caught up in the attacks, will have to endure the bullshit that people like Alex Jones are coming out with.

    But yes, I concede the back and forth about what exactly they do is a bit pointless and difficult to prove.

    Still think they're SEALS though...sorry, can't let it go.
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