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    I think that there is a reasonable chance that the blokes pictured are SF teams. I have given a long list of reasons as to why I hold this opinion. I may be wrong.

    I mostly object to LB, instead of arguing anything or producing any evidence, just adopts a supercilious tone and talks down to me without actually providing any evidence to the contrary.

    At least come up with something, like Wafflebear. Fair point mate, they could all be Massachusetts blokes. Like I said, I would still expect them all to be interviewed and just come out and say 'No, we're National guard'. The longer this doesn't happen for the more inclined I am to believe they are not regular units.

    This is an argument over nothing, I just don't like being talked down to. Stuff like 'Good lord macmurphy' massively grips my shit, especially when it's relating to the veracity of an article largely made up of quotes which I think is pretty hard to make up without lawsuits.
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