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    I used to find that listening to Suicidal Tendencies album Lights... Camera... Revolution! as I was playing Pinball Dreams on the Amiga would always have me playing better, I was more relaxed as I played and things just flowed better.

    I never really attain that feeling anymore, I had it once at a local car dealership when I won a PS2 playing Colin McRae 2.0. It was running on a PC hooked up to a projector and screen on the roof and bonnet of a replica rally Ford Focus with the pedals and steering wheel hooked up too. The first run was just to try it our for fun not even realising there was a comp. I was about to head off but one of the organisers said I should stay to play the heats as at that point I'd posted the fastest time (by all accounts I'm not good at racing games but I play games, that was the key difference here). There was another guy that just got about half a second faster than me each run until the final one where I beat him by a clear 5 second lead. I was trembling as I got out of the car but the actual run was pretty much a blur in my mind.

    I associate the feeling I had when "in the zone" much like a smooth grind on a skateboard or BMX, getting caught in a deep singletrack rut downhill on the mountain bike or running at and sliding down a strip of ice in the school playground as a kid. I feel I'm only ever half in control, just riding it out as it goes, if I think about it or tense up then I'll fall.

    I've had the odd fluke game on CoD/Halo/Counterstrike/TF2 etc where I've done well but it's never been that disassociated state where it's just happening effortlessly.
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