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    Even though a random news said that it was prerendered (making what EA Sport's guy said a total BS), it is very possible to see such image quality with the next FIFA, 10 times more depth and more detail to animations, and 4 times more calculations can be done in the same one second compared to the previous iteration.

    We had nice looking crowd in early PES and FIFA in next-gen but they were slightly sacrificed every year to bring more polygons to the player's faces... i hope i'll not be the case here, people might think that they're actually putting more load on console but they're intelligently applying a voodoo magic trick to make it work on current-gen console... not it's not, they're just making everything else ulgier and use the depth-of-field effect make it less noticeable and presumably hide it..., so hopefully they won't keep saying "Oh nice crowd !" and after 5 years it's ass-looking humano´ds again.

    With all that said, it still very promising, and unless 2K Sports does something more impressive with the lesser budget they've got EA Sports takes care of the virtual sports game selection for the moment...

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