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    Two years ago, a German friend sent me a pdf version of this article:

    The Great Divergence

    Though it deals with the growth of wealth and income inequality in the United States, some of its findings might be relevant to other countries as well. The author's conclusion is:

    Here is a back-of-the-envelope calculation, an admittedly crude composite of my discussions with and reading of the various economists and political scientists cited thus far :

    -- Race and gender is responsible for none of it, and single parenthood is responsible for virtually none of it.

    -- Immigration is responsible for 5 percent.

    -- The imagined uniqueness of computers as a transformative technology is responsible for none of it.

    -- Tax policy is responsible for 5 percent.

    -- The decline of labor is responsible for 20 percent.

    -- Trade is responsible for 10 percent.

    -- Wall Street and corporate boards’ pampering of the Stinking Rich is responsible for 30 percent.

    --Various failures in our education system are responsible for 30 percent.
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