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    ZuluHero wrote:
    Like I said, I don't really own anything to my name (apart from a healthy bank balance and half a house)
    Actually this is what puts you (and everyone else posting in this thread, at least over their lifetime if not right now) in the top 1 or 2%, and separates you (and us) from 98-99% of the rest of the world. Those figures happen to lump us into the bottom 99.9%, but actually as I say we're all in the top 1-2%, it just hasn't split those numbers out.

    Anyway, income is just a slice of overall personal wealth. You can't separate land you own, assets etc from personal wealth, they're part of the overall picture.

    The point is that a tiny tiny proportion of the world owns virtually all the spending power. Be that as income, savings, investments, land, cars, TVs, or biscuits.
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