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    elstoof wrote:
    It's divvied up that way because at some level that how we want it to be. People are aspirational by nature, they want to do better than the people immediately around them so that's how the pyramid of wealth remains that way. Once someone jumps into the bracket above them they typically want to stay there, it's called growth. You can argue a case for communism but there's still someone at the top doing well while the masses queue up for their daily turnip rations at the mining facility.
    There isn't only
    a) a grotesque imbalance as we currently have and
    b) communism

    Slightly less of an imbalance, while still light years away from communism, would IMO be desirable.

    If you're that worried about wealth divisions then that implies that you're actually doing better off than a very large percentage of humanity because you're looking at this 0.001% percentile with jealous eyes, expecting them to spread it your way but do very little of spreading your luxury to the billions of people in poverty.
    All of us in this thread are in the top 1 or 2% globally. I'm not jealous of the 0.0001%, I just think the world would be a better place if they had less and the 98% below me had more.
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