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    Thought I'd try this on here instead of paying ebay fees :)

    Anyone with something for sale or something that they want feel free to jump across.

    Today I will be mostly flogging:

    NTSC NES motherboard - works fine in a UK PAL NES case and with a UK NES power supply. The only way of playing NES in 60hz; they aren't moddable. Region free.

    Super Game Boy - again works fine, just selling as I've replaced it with the Gamecube version.

    Super Mario Bros - NES, PAL. Common as shit I know so you'll just need to pay the postage for this one.

    Unofficial NES zapper - makes a sound when the trigger is pulled. Works fine. Would love to swap it for an official one... I can dream can't I?

    Atari 2600 Jr - Right. First of all, the console works totally fine and is very reliable, but the 2600 cartridge port is meant to have two plastic prongs sticking up to hold the cartridge in place and also, with some later releases, open a dust flap. Unfortunately these are broken off, so if you have some games that have this mechanism you'll need to open the flap, hold it open with your fingers and then plonk it in the port. It's not that much of a problem really (and in fact the person who sold it to me didn't even mention it) but there you go. Comes with RF cable but no power supply, though universal ones work. Comes with official joystick.

    Centipede - Atari 2600. Either separately or with the above console, don't mind.

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