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    Hi guys,

    Been reading quite a few PC upgrade threads and was wanting some advice on my rig.

    I want to be able to play games in 1080p and sometimes through my living room telly.

    I basically want to know if I need a new motherboard or not. I havent been into building rigs since the late 90's so I'm kinda lost with todays terminology etc..

    Other queries I have are:

    How come there are so many companies selling the same graphics cards? Do they basically buy the components from, for example, AMD then add there own bits and bobs or what.....as you can see I am bit lost. What brand do I choose? :/ I have been reading about the 660 and 670 but when I google it I get all these strange unheard of companies selling the same thing.

    Is there a type of RAM I should be using for future proofing? It says on Crucial that my MB can handle 16 Gig of Ram but does not show me the option to buy 4x4gb modules.

    I also heard it was a good idea to install an SSD to run windows from, is this worth it?

    The specs I have cobbled together last year for my current rig are as follows:

    CPU - Amd Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition
    Board - Gigabyte M720-US3
    RAM - 3x1gb DDR2
    GPU - Geforce 7900GS

    I have no idea what kind of power unit I have!

    If anyone can spare a few minutes to get me back on track I would appreciate your time.

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