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    I love WIITR, though I've yet to catch them live. They're actually quite relevant to this discussion since they're kind of BM without the black, and thankfully there's a lot of that these days. It's a stylistic influence only, with none of the genre's silly legacy.

    I guess WIITR are 'Eco/pagan Black Metal' if they need a label :)

    Re Agalloch (again BM in style only AFAIK) I really wish they'd stop trying to be so 'troo' and get a decent production. And a drummer who can keep time while they're at it. Marrow of the Spirit was dreadful in both regards, and virtually unlistenable as a result IMO. Ashes Against The Grain was and is utterly sublime though.

    Personally I find it virtually impossible to separate art from artist, but as with everything there are degrees. Not the best example, but Dave Mustaine being a twat with some questionable (to put it mildly) views wouldn't stop me listening to Megadeth (their output in recent years does that job!), but I can't listen to Burzum despite actually liking some of his stuff, Filosofem in particular.

    I think there may be a factor at play here which hasn't been mentioned as far as I can tell, which is that some people are drawn to certain musicians because of the artist's extreme views - and in Varg's case his crimes - despite finding them abhorrent.

    With this kind of music in particular the extra dimension that adds to the experience is perfectly synchronised to the overall mood, and so only serves to enhance the listening experience. Therefore the art is very much linked to its creator, but his or her views enhance the music by virtue of the listener's repulsion, not endorsement.

    In short, for some, listening to dark atmospheric music made by a neo-nazi arsonist murderer provides a substantially more intense sensation than, say, listening to dark atmospheric music made by a middle class chap from Bristol who lives with his mum.

    Edit: In fact doesn't this explain the only reason why anyone would ever listen to the likes of GG Allin, for example?

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