#9602500, By Tekkirai E3 2013

  • Tekkirai 27 May 2013 20:28:49 104 posts
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    Worst case scenario:
    Microsoft: Kinect shit with some really bad child actors, Usher/Bieber makes an appearance to show off some mad dance skillz. Casual shit out the ass, more TV nonsense and dreary crap geared towards investors.

    Sony: The rather soulless, dried up turd called: Jack Tretton, will bore/narrate everyone through an entirely forgettable press event without much in the way of interesting games. Also show off some of that amazing clay sculpting stuff from Media MoleZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....Zzzzzz

    Nintendo: Same games we've seen for the past 2 decades, now in HD with a touch of lag due to an ancient processor last seen in an IBM Power PC from 1995.

    I hope to god I'm wrong. This entire industry could use a real zinger of an E3.
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