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    So I have this now. I didn't 100% LCU first :p 75% is close enough though, surely?

    First off, it's still definitely an alright game. The proper cutscenes are still pretty amusing, but you'll never see that in missions (nothing like McCain and his mid-chase quips). Obviously there are concessions to it being a handheld game. With missions mostly playing out directly in the City, they've pretty much made every district it's own level. This does make the world feel smaller, and a lot closer to a traditional Lego game than LCU, but it's still not a bad thing. Plus some of the interiors from missions in LCU still feature, just as part of the City itself.

    There are other bits and bobs, like the loading screens and the draw distance (which in missions really doesn't hurt the game all that much), but the worst change is the combat. There's a lot more of it so far, and enemies take a lot more punishment. It really verges on boring. Even basic enemies need at least 2 counters or attacks before being arrestable.

    It's really bizarre - I can see past most of the things that were clearly concessions to get a game of this scope on 3DS, but making fights longer and more tedious isn't down to any technical issues, it's a design decision that I genuinely don't understand the reasoning for. It pads the game a little bit, but not much.

    I'm not far into the game anyway, so maybe they need it even more for padding as time goes on. Don't get me wrong, it's still a fun game and I'l enjoy playing through, but why they didn't stick with LCU combat I have no idea.

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