#9535523, By Tio I admit it, I check every Waterfall, Help !!

  • Tio 29 Apr 2013 08:14:29 152 posts
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    I decided to restart Skyrim, this weekend after it sitting on my 'shelf of shame' for 18 months.

    First waterfall I came across, I walked 'through the water' to see if there was a hidden cave behind (There wasn't this time). It made me realise I have been doing this for years, anytime I see a waterfall, I try to walk into it. Even tho at the absolute most, there has been less than 10 times I have been succesful, still, I do it.

    Does anyone else suffer from this waterfall affliction?
    Can anyone tell me when was the earliest hidden cave/waterfall?
    Anyone have a favourite or particularly memorable waterfall?

    Please help feed my addiction :rolleyes:

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