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    Which game(s) do you love, or have a soft spot for, that you had to persevere with first?

    Maybe you found it too easy/difficult at the beginning or you just thought it was rubbish. But for whatever reason you persevered with it, and you finally felt rewarded for your efforts.

    For me Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was tough going for the first hour or so. I wasn't enjoying the combat or storyline and felt that the tutorial section dragged on a bit. However, as soon as the first boss character was killed I finally found a way of playing that suited my style.

    As I've got more and more into the game I've begun to love it for what it is, and I've recently bought the strategy guide for it too. The book is huge (600 pages long) and you could easily kill someone with it (it's that heavy). :eek:

    I also have to mention Okami. I love this game but I found the beginning very difficult due to the initial hand holding and constant interruptions.

    I'm a huge fan of both RPG's and open-world games because I just love to explore. So I suppose I find long tutorials rather restrictive, especially when I just want to wander around myself etc. I don't like being forced to try out every single combat situation within the first few minutes, I'd rather find out about them all myself (otherwise it rather spoils it for me). :mad:

    Maybe that's why I loved Morrowind so much at the beginning. You were literally dumped at Seyda Neen and nothing was expected of you. :cool:
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