#9539965, By shamblemonkee Games that you love (but had to persevere with first)

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    @kinky_mong I was coming in to say Dragon's Dogma.

    I really does start slowly and after a brief highlight goes back to being pedestrian for a while. The crescendo when it comes though is brilliant.

    DD wasn't even on my radar when it first came out, i picked it up a few weeks later as a curiosity. linke KM i was unsure at first but i'm so glad i stuck with it, as an insane intertwining of Monster Hunter and Western RPG with the Pawn sytem thrown in it ends up being something really quite special and one of my favourite games of the past few years.

    The player animation for running is hilariously bad, the graphics sometimes janky - but when it all comes together (usually at night by the light of your latern as a troll looms in to view) it's truly something special and that's why i'm into the hundreds of hours devoted to it.
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