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    Well since I left uni last year I can sort of envision my relationship with my group of friends fading away. See, I've known my group of mates since school and college (one even from Primary school) and I'm the only one who went to uni and stuck it out. Everyone else either didn't want to go, or dropped out because they couldn't be bothered doing work.

    They lack ambition whereas I'm wanting to jet around the world working in far off places, making good of myself. Most of them are happy on the dole or working part time in Cineworld, not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just mine and my friends' ambitions are just not compatible anymore.

    I stayed at home for my studies so I never experience hall life and being forced to make friends with people... good job really because I fucking hate students. Though I did meet a few good people at uni who I know I will always call friends, I can't really see us meeting up very regularly at all. We might meet up for a pint or two every few months but that'll will soon end once we find jobs at the other side of the country, or even in different countries.

    I'm not really sure where my social life is going right now, but I know it'll far different in 10 years time.
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