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    bad09 wrote:
    Ron_Justice wrote:
    Just give me a DICE-made Battlefront. That's it.

    As others have said, LucasArts have hardly been making good games in recent times so EA / their production studios, can't really do any worse.

    1313 looked(s) ace so if that and a Dice FPS make it to market then this is fantastic news for me.

    Oh and it has to be an FPS (Battlefield - Star Wars or Battlefront 3) from Dice doesn't it? I can't imagine a Jedi's Edge (well actually I can but I doubt it'd be very good) or anything and their driving games (could a Star Wars universe, vehicle racing game work?) are 10+ years old now.
    BF was mainly 3rd person the 1st person view was pretty poor and didn't fit the pace of the game that much outside of vehicles (and even then Pandemic dropped the cockpit views for 2) so I'd be upset if they turned into another bloody FPS. Not surprised, but upset.

    Racing games have already worked well with the awesome Racer with the Pod racers (Phantom Menace was worth it for that game alone), I doubt you could do any other kind of racer though you are right. Mind you a AT-AT race sounds fun.
    :) an AT-AT race might be.... tedious.

    While there are certainly enough vehicles in the Star Wars universe to make a racing game, the challenge would be to make a Star Wars game and not just a generic Space Ship game.

    If you take the Iconic Star Wars ships, then there are only really five or six that instantly say 'Star Wars'. Beyond that, you're getting into muddy waters where the average person won't recognize the vast majority of the ships, as they only ever appear for a few moments in the films or, not at all.

    You're right about the 3rd person element, but I can't see Dice going that route. Maybe they could, but all their games from the last 10 years suggest not.

    As FPS's go, I think Dice do a good job of giving your character 'personality / an identity' even though you never actually see them, beyond the class selection screen. The class system is the obvious method that they could use to define a character. But there are other things like voice acting, animations, weapon design, sound design (Dice are acknowledged masters) HUD elements - Imagine the variation in HUD between playing as a Stormtrooper, Wookie, Human, Droid etc.

    Then throw all that onto the Battlefield template and, IMO, it's a perfect fit. Up until the official announcement for Battlefield 4, forums we're littered with people screaming for a sequel to BF 2142 - A Sci-Fi FPS - and now we have this.

    Bottom line is, I'm a fan of both Battlefield and Star Wars so if this happens I'll be the happiest pig in shitsvil.

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