#9559162, By ISmoke Watercooling!?!

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    SuperBas wrote:
    Why don't you buy a watercooling kit for your current PC, see if you can make it work? If you mess up, at least it'll be your old PC that suffers.
    I've been debating that - just more money than i really have though. I'm already building this new machine on a 'budget' doing this, even though it's probably the wise thing, just takes more money from my allocated funds and just adds time on to it


    To be 100% honest, I don't really need to achieve a massive overclock. the 3930K is already exceptionally fast so even a modest 4.5Ghz would be faster than anything I'd ever need for the near future and that should be very easily achievable with water. But even still, this chip gets, very, very hot so water seems like the best option.

    My main deciding factor (other than heat and cool looking) is noise - if you heard what my 2 5870's sounded like when being taxed on a high end game, it's horrible. I also like to play late at night so quietness is a big thing for me.

    I'm looking at this build as my Dream build. I want all of the bells and whistles as chances are this will be the last time i go for a build like this.
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