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    @boo ; We just need a decent song. And a modern song too, we seem to still be living in the past. I mean, for heavens sake! We have Adele, Jessie J, Paloma Faith, One Direction, Olly Murs, Will Young - we have great modern talent which we know sells internationally.

    And yet we send Bonnie Tyler with a song firmly tied to the past. It's not a rubbish song, but it's not a great song either. We have plenty of freaking talent and yet no-one wants or feels the need to represent the true nature of our music industry.

    I think that's the sad part. We have international presence and credibility in the music world. It's a shame it hasn't been represented at Eurovision for a while now.

    If anything, I think we need the Song For Europe contest back. The last few years have been terrible. Everything is "nice", but it's not quite good enough to stick in the mind. Forgettable nonsense.

    Say what you like about Scooch's "Flying The Flag For You", it's unforgettable.

    edit; and Scooch sang in tune and on time. Which has to be the most embarrassing bit of all... >.>

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