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    @Darren The Display area setting is not really about changing HUD position. The whole point is to tell the PS4 where the edge of your screen is - many TVs have an overscan feature such that an inch or so is displayed off screen where you can't see it. By placing the corner markers at the corners of your screen you are essentially calibrating the PS4 to your telly - ensuring that hud elements don't fall off the edges.

    Most devs ignore it anyway - they just place the HUD elements far enough in that if your telly does have overscan they will still be visible. Of course, for higher end TVs which don't overscan and allow 1:1 pixels, this means the HUD elements are pretty far in from the edge.

    Devs who do use this display area setting are able to optimise the HUD and entire image to fit your telly so that nothing is lost to overscan (should your telly overscan). The flip side, if you haven't bothered setting it, then the game is going to assume the edge of your screen is at those default settings (common to most overscanning tellys).

    Its a set it and forget it setting. If a DEV doesn't use it then it affects nothing, if they do, you get the optimum experience for their game. My console was set up using this feature from day one last year so I never saw the borders at all.
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