#9594612, By Xerx3s The death of preowned console games

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    I've been fortunate enough to have never been in the spot where I would need to sell a game to buy a new one. I care very little for game shops, the only one that was nice here was bought out by wankers.

    But by darwin's epic beard, if I want to sell my property for a measly fee I will bloody well do so. This kind of arrogance just doesn't cut it for me (well, this and all the other shit that they announced). I bought it, it's mine. For that price I can damn well do with it what I want (and don't give me the licence crap or the sad developers are being screwed puppy eyes).

    It's not about selling it, it's about that I bought it, it's mine, everybody got paid for their work and I can damn well do what I please with it. If I sell it, there is absolutely no justification why they should get paid again for the same thing. The only reason why I turn a blind eye to steam/gog is because they are dirt cheap (only buy steam sale indie games) and they sort of walk the 'do less evil than good' line. If xbox games would be 1 to 5 euro and offer the same quality then this drm might not be so bad. But they won't. They will cost between 50 and 80 euro.

    The ancient lurkers here know how much of a xbox proponent I am - or should I say, used to be - so when first hour people like me couldn't care less for their new system, they doing something very wrong.

    Truth be told..I couldn't care about their system for some time now. They used to be cool and have great games but all they have now is advertisements and paid subscriptions so other gamers get stuff later.

    Maybe I've become a worn-out old fart like blerk or venatio, but seriously, do we really want this tripe, mixed in with the same old regurgitated "AAA" (hah!) games and stale pr spoon-fed to us?

    I've been exclusively on the PC again in recent years and I don't think I'll look back. The policy of 'there are no must have games, don't buy shit from assholes' improves the experience.

    Vote with your wallet people, don't buy this crap. You don't need it, anything of note will be on other machines. Also, actively going out of your way to fuck over indies? Really? When they have been the only interesting thing over the past 3-4 years? We probably should have seen it coming when they fucked over the XNA developers.
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