#9601103, By Tekkirai The death of preowned console games

  • Tekkirai 27 May 2013 10:19:45 104 posts
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    It's not about whether or not it kills you. It's about that little thing where you pay 400-600 Euros for a console, 60 (to maybe even 70 next gen) Euros per game, of which they cut the content to sell you as day 1 DLC for 10 more Euros, you're not going to tell me I can't play just because some shitty server is down somewhere in the world, or when my internet provider is working on the network etc.

    If it all worked perfectly, I couldn't give a crap, but it simply never does. PSN, Simcity and Diablo 3 are proof of that alone. "We didn't expect this much traffic", that's not gonna cut it when you work your ass off during the week and when you finally have some time to play, you see shit like that. No, fuck them and fuck their expectations too.
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