#9590105, By Have 2nd hand game sales really grown to become a genuine problem?

  • Deleted user 22 May 2013 17:26:33
    Shikasama wrote:
    All I can do is take my own example. I spend a significant portion of my disposable income on games, sometimes I buy new games, sometimes I buy used games. Sometimes trading in a game lets me take a punt on something I'm not that bothered about, sometimes buying a second hand game gets me interested in an entire franchise so I'll pre-order the sequel. I can point to a few franchises off the top of my head that have benefited from this (Splinter Cell, Sonic) just like my piracy days (Football Manager, Civ).

    I'm extremely offended at the notion that I'm somehow doing something wrong or not supporting the industry when I dip into the used pile, considering the insane amount of money I spaff into it elsewhere.
    Well fine, but you realise this is nothing personal yeah?

    And yeah, they'll have weighed up people taking punts and such, but they'll balance that out with Steam sale type stuff, and bundles. Cheap games will still exist. Probably VERY cheap games. If the money all goes directly back to the publishers rather than the coffers of GAME then there'll be much more inclined to get all bargain buckety.
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