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    I heard about it about twenty minutes ago, and thought it was a prank or over-exaggeration too.

    And it's not, and I am left thinking, "What the fuck is WRONG with these people?" Just... sick isn't the right word, I think we need to invent a brand new word to describe things like this just so we can censor it.

    Just a disgrace, extremist cunts. That said, I've complained about the police before but good on them for not hesitating. Not that it will do much good, some will say justice couldn't be done and some more extremist cunts will hold them up as fucking martyrs.

    I almost want to do a "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" joke.

    But it would cheapen how I feel about this. Utter, utter, complete unprecedented evil satanic mother-fucking cunts.

    And that's almost my annual allowance of swear words so I'll stop here.

    edit; although;

    "Ahmed Jama, a 26-year-old Muslim baker was the first to lay flowers at the scene - and he condemned the attack."

    There are two sides to every religion...

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