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    Religion is organized spirituality.
    Christianity, Judaism, Islam,... are an ideology, an idea, a way of seeing the world, based on believes. There is the alpha male, god, he's eternal, almighty and punishes disobedience beyond the physical death.

    What man dares to challenge him? All men must bow to his power and become members of his flock. The goal is unification, love, peace and eternal bliss. All believers are equal under his rule.

    Atheism continues the trend of unification, equality, love, peace and understanding. Now, with advanced technology and higher population density, there is no need for a divine punisher in the clouds. Who dares not to follow the law? Once a beast is tamed, it requires much less effort to keep it in check.

    I find this argument between Atheists and Christians (the one religion they try to argue against the most) quite a bit moot. They both share basically the same philosophy. Atheism being an extremer version, an evolution.

    I'd not be surprised to see more of these violent outbursts in the future. It seems to be a natural phenomena - civilizations rise and fall.
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