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    JoeBlade wrote:
    Atheists don't follow written texts (well, some may but it's not something they're meant to do) They're not meant to worship, congregate, etc.
    In earlier times people went to church, to hear the word and to get some entertainment after the preaching. Today you can hear the preaching around the clock if you want and lots of entertainment. Turn on the TV or read some newspaper. You shall follow the law and there are the decent opinions and the wrong opinions.

    Depends how you define spiritual. For me, there is nothing spiritual about a religion per se.

    Atheists can be preachy fucks too but I'd rather have a society full of atheists than religious people.
    The former at least can't bomb a building and then justify it for themselves and the world based on, what?
    Atheists can base it on reason. And you can always find a reason.
    The reward is in the here and now. Influence, material gains,...

    Reason has become an empty word.

    Reason is a function of the mind and every individual has a different kind of reasoning. If someone's reasoning is good then he will have an advantage over someone with inferior reasoning. The man who can deduce something better than his competitor may has an advantage in survival and passing on his genes.

    In a modern environment, reasoning/intelligence is less and less important. Well, depending on what reasoning and intelligence are defined as. If intelligence is learning stuff by heart and repeating it and reasoning is having a sense for the popular opinion then no.

    If someone is an atheist and doesn't make a big deal out of it then fine but the need to think in a religious - atheist dualism is quite suspect to me. The ethics and morals are so very similar and I don't see spirituality in religion nor in atheism per se, that's an individual quality.

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