#9594769, By Phattso Woolwich murder

  • Phattso 24 May 2013 07:41:46 22,739 posts
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    Well, the community (that can be bothered to engage with you) are telling you it's not acceptable. So in the context of this forum at this time just stop it, mowgli.

    Or choose to keep banging a drum over a three letter word that actually wouldn't cause you any real pain to just not use here any more. And then let's see where that takes us.

    And in the specific case of the word 'fag' I'd think we'd all want to distance ourselves from the fucking numbskull XBox Live gamer community that hurl it around with gay abandon (see how that was an appropriate use?) anyway. When the revolution comes, you know those fuckers will be first against the wall. Do you want to be among them?
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