#9595743, By Fake_Blood How second hand sales on XBone will work

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    joeymoto108 wrote:
    Microsoft are trying to attract the AAA publishers of EA, Activision and Ubisoft. Anything lower than AAA is going to vanish in one swoop next gen if MS's preowned reports are true, and Sony follows suit. MS have already said that they're not supporting indie devs on their new console and no-one is going to risk 40 quid on a game from a dev that is yet to prove themselves.

    Games like Dead Island will suffer as a result, which benefited greatly from a nice price cut when it was easily available for 20 quid and less. If there's no flexibility in the pricing the devs who are 'in the middle' are going to be destroyed.
    I think that the Dead Islands of the next gen just won't get a disc release at all.
    In fact I think discs will become exclusive for AAAs.
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