#9596500, By Cappy How second hand sales on XBone will work

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    altitude2k wrote:
    I cannot for a second imagine Sony haven't got plans for something similar. Otherwise they can kiss goodbye to any sort of favours from EA, Activision or Bethesda.
    A lot of people are putting this argument forward, if one does it, they both have to do it! In a lot of cases the motivation seems to be creating parity between the platforms, if Xbox uses 3GB of RAM for it's OS, then Sony must do it too, so that other box isn't better than the Xbox. PS4 locks out used games too, not better than Xbox!

    If Sony doesn't have a secondhand lockout system what happens?

    The AAAAAAAAA game Ubivision just finished still cost the same amount to develop and they still need ten million sales for a decent return. Unless the PS4 is a total flop cancelling the PS4 version is absolutely suicide.

    Cutting out secondhand sales won't make the Xbox version sell twice as much, people only have a finite amount of money, when it comes to launch week sales you're not going to do much better. After that you're moving through various tiers of the more price conscious consumer, once again you can't force people to pay more than they have. By devaluing their trade-ins you're giving them less to get new games so they'll have to wait for even lower price points.

    There isn't a great deal of net gain and cutting out millions of PS4 users won't help. At best publishers can devalue the PS4 version with sweet timed exclusive or fully exclusive DLC perks. That will generally only sway those who own both platforms though. If you own a PS4 and Xbox is getting all the Fallout 5 DLC episodes what can you do about it? Sell up your console and games, then spend even more to buy the Xbox and all the multi-platform games which you can't get cheap because there are no bargain bin used copies.

    Blocking used games is all about forcing the small guys out and consolidating the business around a core group of large publishers. The mid and upper mid tier publishers, they're the ones harmed most. EG hasn't even bothered reviewing Atelier Ayesha from Koei Tecmo for instance, it's expensive with minimal marketing or publicity who wants to give it a try if they can never invest that money into anything else by selling it quickly if they hate it?

    In that scenario you'll only buy games you're certain to like, which offer the best value for money, so the highest production values win out. Your choices will become more and more conservative. Video games move over fully to a Hollywood model and suddenly you've got no content that's worth your time.
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