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    No he isn't. No one is saying that developers shouldn't get a better deal from their own paymasters(publishers) like book authors do, and no one is saying that the price of games has to be fixed in stone to make that happen. But if you buy a book(creative work like a game) written by an author(developer) that was paid by a publisher(publisher) you can lend it to whoever you want, sell it on, or keep it on your shelf and read it 50years later, much like you could with an old PS3/360 and singleplayer games. But at no point does the author or publisher have any rights to prohibit or interfere with these fundamental consumer rights and actions.
    This sums it up in a nutshell and goes for Movies to. Why does the gaming industry suddenly feel it is entitled to an additional revenue stream? They should look at their broken business model and actively do something about it which entices consumers to purchase their games from new rather than piss their consumer base off and turn people away from buying their games at all. Pricing is a big factor the only way quite a lot of people can fund new purchases is to trade older games they no longer play. If the price dropped to say 30 for a new title like PC games how many more people would be prepared to take a gamble and buy a game new on release day? For me 25-30 is a price point where take a punt on a lesser known or new IP which maybe only scored a 6 or 7 at 40 though it falls into the 'I'll only pay for it is I know I'm going to enjoy it' bracket. I'm sure 40 is physiological barrier for a lot of other people as well.
    The video game industry is ALSO the way it is because the majority of current gamers seem to think they are so fucking entitled to everything.

    There's no other entertainment industry like the video game industry.

    Can you berate a book author, film director or music artist because you didn't like their ending and you want them to change it?

    Does any other industry receive constant petitions to the publishers from consumers because they don't like the new character, new voice etc.?

    Is there any other industry that has it consumers fighting endlessly amongst each other over which is the better consoles, games, graphics, gameplay?

    Every industry survives through competition which gives the consumer choices and better products. People enjoy books, movies and music. Why are gamers always complaining and bickering with EACH OTHER? Why aren't we just people who enjoy games? I think it's why the video game industry hasn't evolved and developed further. This industry is not recognized as entertainment for adults cause we act like kids.
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