#9597542, By DrStrangelove What is luck?

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    If you want to call it that, perhaps. But I don't think you could say the past/present absolutely determined the future, since there's always the randomness on the quantum level, at least in our current model of physics.

    I think that's hardly relevant for the decisions your brain makes though, since that happens on a vastly larger scale already (and even if it was, in randomness there is still no freedom or choice).

    So in the end, I'd say our lives are very much determined, and each choice we make is determined by the physical behaviour of atoms, and hence the necessary result of the past. Or if you count in the quantum effects, maybe a trillionth percent (no idea how much really, probably much less) is non-determined, because random.

    Where it gets interesting is when the belief in the nonexistence of free will affects your choices, i.e. you would have decided differently if you believed in free will. For example, if you become more fatalist in your decisions because you believe it's all decided anyway.

    But in this model, my current belief was predetermined too, and hence on a fundamental level there is no choice. I make choices, but they are a result of physics. Me believing something else here and now, or coming to different conclusions based on my belief, or making other choices, has never been a possibility.

    Jesus, I'm not starting to discuss this here, am I? But well, I guess it's still related to the original question about the nature of luck.
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