#9596891, By Lyserberg Sony actively pushing for 1080P at 60fps in PS4 games

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    Jmog wrote:

    Sony, yesterday I loved you. Now I love you even more.
    Fantasy =/= Reality.

    Even if they push it no body will ever care, only COD and FIFA and reactivity dependant games will have that snapiness, devs will do it the way they feel is more appropriate to their gameplay style, graphics or fluidity, others will opt for 30FPS and bring the best graphics that they promise to have at each generation, so if they're really trying to run this shit at 60FPS it'll represent no visual improvement (apart from blowing the resolution twice and having double the framerate) over last gen console, which is as far as all gamers are concerned is why a next-gen is here at all, this is a luxury that will remain for those who can pay the premium to get a solid gaming rig.

    If you want to play all your games at 60FPS, pay more and get a nice Haswell CPU, 8GB of nice DDR3 RAM, a 7950 at the very least and there ya go.

    Don't get me wrong, the push for more framerate is in itself good, but will only prevent developpers from upping up their graphics and get the most of the new hardware.

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