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    PenguinJim wrote:
    You don't have a 360, do you, Tekkirai.

    The "big deals" (for example, $5 Max Payne 3, cheaper than Steam's ever had it even now) are free for all. The Gold-exclusives are called "Deal of the Weak" with good reason.
    I do actually have a 360. And those "Deals of the Week" are pretty much what you get the games for in retail if I look at the ones there are right now. And that's with XBL gold btw, without it, it's more expensive than retail.

    Also, if you take an exclusively digital game as an example (Max Payne 3 isn't exclusive after all, although 5$ is a nice deal admittedly), like for instance Castle Crashers, that launched for 1200 MS points in 2008 and is still 1200 MS points in 2013.

    By all means, if you believe we'll frequently get Steam-like deals or better due to there not being any competition from used games, then I hope you're right. But I really don't see any evidence of that yet.
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