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  • Rose-of-Sorrow 29 Jun 2013 01:44:42 572 posts
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    Does anyone else get lag? I'm on the Leviathan server and I've specifically noticed that sometimes it lags when attacking- it takes a while for my attacks to register, and sometimes nothing happens at all. I've also had lag during FATEs, whereby my attacks do nothing and then I just auto-die!

    I also have issues when in a party with a friend (who's based in the United States) where sometimes he appears to be stood still on the spot, when he's actually moving about.

    I love the game but these issues really concern me and are pretty deal breaking, I'm just not sure what's causing them- it's not my internet as I have high speed fibre-octic, but is it the game or the server? I read that supposedly EU doesn't have any europe based servers, that they've actually also based in NA. :-/
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