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    PS3 Players, this ought to interest you...

    Before I respond to this thread, I would like to inform you about the current situation for the PS3 version.

    •Focus target support
    Focus target support for the PS3 version is just about completed, and we've set the goal to address this in patch 2.1. Adjustments had to be made as we're in a situation where we've already reached the display limitation, and we've made it possible to display this by temporarily hiding the experience points bar and basic HUD information (connection status, clock, etc. in the upper right) while the focus target information is displayed. We are currently in the midst of checking everything out including macros and key bind shortcuts.

    •Expansion of cross hotbar input controls
    Additionally for patch 2.1, we've expanded the controls so that you will be able to press the L2 and R2 buttons simultaneously to change to a different set display and execute actions while the buttons are held down. (You can indicate which set is switched to in the configuration.)

    Originally, in order to change sets with the R1 button you had to take your finger off of the L2 or R2 button, but with this control expansion you can simply press the R2 button while pressing the L2 button (or the opposite) and swap to a different set with other actions. With this method you’ll be able to swap to different sets two steps quicker.

    By addressing these two features, I feel you'll be able to grasp the battle situation much better and also execute more actions easily.

    Now then, on to the actual topic of this thread – increasing the number of hot bars displayed. As we've just about run out of excess display elements that we can cut as a trade-off for an increase in display elements, as a future plan for addressing this, we'll be creating a lower resource version of the current display UI separately, and with the resources that are generated from that, make it so only action icons are displayed.

    We will continue to look into plans for implementing more hotbar displays for the PS3 version, but I'd like you all to try out the expanded controls in patch 2.1 that I've outline above.

    Got it from Q and A thread on official forum. Not sure what's going on with the 'Focus Target support' thing, what is that? and why does consume memory to the point that it disables other features? More importantly though, Holding L2+R2 for new HB? YES PLEASE!

    Link to said thread...right said thread hahaha!!! http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/70697-Some-suggestions-mostly-quality-of-life-obvious-things

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