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    Beneath 'the principal of the thing' it seems that there genuinely is a way of achieving the goals that MS want while keeping the players content. After all, Valve are doing it. If the scheme that MS have planned were replaced by one which functions much as Steam does, it would still be worse than what we have on the 360. With Steam, you can't take a disc to a friend's home and have a multiplayer session, you can't cadge a game off him that he's not using, and so on. And yet Steam players are, as I said,content. It's as if there is a minimum set of compensations you need to the DRM scheme and MS hasn't met them but Steam has.

    Or possibly expectations for PC gaming are somehow lower. Only relatively recently has PC gaming become something two or more people can do in front of the TV, rather than a solo player at a desk. Maybe gaming together, lending and swapping just aren't quite part of PC gaming culture as they are a part of console culture.

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