#9632955, By Nitrous So, what is a core gamer? And what's a casual gamer?

  • Nitrous 8 Jun 2013 20:30:27 1,649 posts
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    I always thought a casual gamer was somone that...

    A. Only plays facebook games
    B. Plays the odd bit of fifa with mates online
    C. Plays something like wii sports at a party
    D. Usually plays games in the front room.

    Core gamer however I think its a bit more difficult to describe.

    A. Owns a gaming pc and a console or
    B. Owns 2 game consoles
    C. Plays and buys most types of games
    D. Probably plays games in a bedroom.

    On that bases Id probably be a core gamer but I don't own a gaming pc and I don't like rpg games in general.
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