#9635408, By Kami Gaming's Biggest Fallacies

  • Kami 10 Jun 2013 10:46:19 2,662 posts
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    Indeed, and there's the "Games can/not be art!" arguments still doing the rounds.

    Although in that case I think - who cares? "Art Games" are a pretentious breed anyway and rarely fun. Games are first and foremost entertainment, surely? If something can be "art" on top, then fine. But art as an objective is basically a charted course off Niagara Falls in a barrel wearing nothing but a My Little Pony-themed Onesie.

    Seems many want games to be accepted by the art world. But I think it's stupid to want to be accepted. First things first, do the game thing. If art critics don't buy it, fine. It doesn't make it any less credible as a work though.

    That said, 50,000 for a dirty loo seat makes me wonder if the art critic crowd is really the kind of audience we should be aiming to please, instead of, you know, the consumer?
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