#9635359, By wobbly_Bob Sony’s Approach to DRM - A "DF: In Theory" type post

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    Good post, thanks.

    I think you make a very important point, the most important point, is that we as consumers accept such things as DRM as long as we get something out of it and it's fair. At the moment with Microsoft everything is done for them and the publishers and offers us nothing. Look at PSN+, we don't own those games we are renting them but people love it. It's the same with services like netflix and lastFM.

    I'm not against DRM I just want to be treated fairly and not as a cash cow to be milked. If I had to pay a small fee like 2.99 to activate a second disc for example I wouldn't mind that. The publisher makes some money and I get a game second hand cheaply, everybody happy. Microsoft's policys are arrogant and anti - consumer so people are rightfully angry.
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