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    "This is second hand, to unlock it, log in via PSN and pay £5" or something.
    This was my thinking as well. It would be publisher dependent. It is really just an extension of the current "online pass" idea except it could affect offline play as well.

    When it notices it is a second hand disc it could:
    - not play (most draconian level)
    - enter a demo mode and limit progression in game
    - suppress trophies
    - only allow online play and no access to single player
    - only allow simple player and no online mode (like the online pass now)

    These effects could kick in after a day/week - so you can still lend your discs to friends or take a game round to their house to play. This time would naturally lapse on a shelf in a store.

    Therefore you allow gamers to casually use their disc like before BUT stop stores taking advantage of the fact.

    Then once you pay for an "unlock key" using the online store it would work fully again. Publishers & developers get a little slice of pie with each resale. In GAME they would be able to reset this at their cost so they can put them back on the shelf "as new".

    Obviously how we acceptable this depends on the restrictions and the unlock price.

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