#9635601, By frunk Sony’s Approach to DRM - A "DF: In Theory" type post

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    Why bother paying for something second hand if you end up paying what it would cost to buy new anyway, unless you put up with a gimped version?
    That is unlikely and it one of those "sliders" Sony can play with.

    The cost of making a "used copy" work like new is unlikely to be the full price - but certainly could be if you were EA and enjoyed championing "being a cock and screwing over gamers". Other publishers are likely to be more reasonable.

    The cost could vary on a day by day basis based on the demand. New game: £15, Game out a month or so: £10, Game out a year of so £5, Game out for 5 years: removes all restrictions permanently (this keeps the collector happy!)

    Then the publisher & platform holder can stop some of the more insidious practices from GAME whilst still allowing gamers to collect stuff they know will work when the servers are turned off.

    Sony adopting RFID tags just has more options to play with.
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