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    Glad you got some discounts! :)

    I am pretty sure they still do this but it is harder to see with disc based games.
    Yeah - and that will be the issue you have with MS & Sony.

    MS have the seal on the box. For XBoxOne if that seal is intact then the chances are that piece of card inside with the number on is still valid. In the MS model the disc is redundant - it's just handy - the card is the valuable thing. Like anything bought with Steam.

    If Sony use RFID tags (still an "if"!) then it will be tricky. But they do have a range and it would be trivial to have a mode on the PS4 that scans the box and gives you the RFID tag licence status - even without opening the box. Just have the in shop demo machine setup to show this for any purchasers. Or perhaps build it into the PlayStation app on your Smartphone - most have RFID scanners these days.

    A simple traffic light display:
    - Green to show it's new and never registered to a console
    - Orange to show it is "as new" from a license perspective but is actually a second hand disc. i.e. someone has paid the top-up fee to allow proper resale.
    - Red to show the disc has some of it's DRM license used and should not be sold "as is".

    Bottom two ask the user to check what this means with the shop assistant.

    To demo games Sony could pass GAME special "demo" discs with a licence that allows it to play in demo mode only. Same game disc just an RFID tag that forces it into a "worthless" but demonstrable mode. Means they don't have to "break the license" on their retail copies.

    What is more tricky would be private sales via eBay. Trust is key there - like it has always been.

    These scenarios just write themselves. If those RFID tags are on the discs then Sony really does have a lot of options. And that RFID tag does make it VERY, VERY difficult to pirate the physical discs or mod a machine to ignore them.
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