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    Corvo-Attano-77 wrote:
    Actually I find slow pans of the camera make it easier to detect framerate drops, and I can't see any drops during the intro of the demo which contains a long slow pan, so it should at least be a very smooth and stable 30fps. Not ideal, but I find third person cover shooters don't benefit *as much* from 60fps as FPS games do.

    Hi Corvo! Ummm, I'm not sure you've responded to the right person with your post to me so I was a little bit confused :confused:

    However, I've had a quick scan through the thread seeing as it's only currently 3-pages long and I'm assuming you perhaps meant to respond to INSOMANiAC's post about frame rate here:

    INSOMANiAC wrote:
    Im a little concerned about the frame rate, these 'in game' demos are alway sure never to move the camera too fast, but with the level of detail in that opening area, I really dont see the framerate being above 30fps, something I was hoping we'd avoid in the 'next gen'. Still, I guess superior graphics vs stable framerate is the trade off we shall always have to live with.
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