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    I'm not sure it will work on the Switch controller. Is there any switch controllers that have better triggers?

    Fusion was really good (apart from the trick system), but the theme was a bit rubbish.
    Wow, long time no see.

    I don't get how it will work on Switch unless they use the right stick a la Gran Turismo. I hope they solve it as handheld Trials would be awesome
    My second (and now third!) post in 10 months, according to my profile. I went through a stage of only playing Rocket League for about 18 months, so visiting a general games forum seemed a bit pointless!

    I had a look at the pro controller for the switch, and even that doesn't have suitable triggers. I imagine it will be like using the A button rather than RT on the 360, with that it was a bit like having auto-aim on in a FPS. They controlled the throttle so you didn't backflip when starting, but obviously meant you had nowhere near the same levels of control. For most users I imagine it will work just fine, but the hardcore will probably avoid it.
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