#9642244, By GamesConnoisseur PSN Plus needed to play games online

  • GamesConnoisseur 11 Jun 2013 20:24:18 433 posts
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    People don't always appreciate that nothing is free, costs of online infrastructure, servers, etc, I m happy subscriber of PSN+ and Gold, the first provide great extra contents and freebies which Microsoft need to emulate or losing members.

    Don't like it? Wii U or PC offer you alternative, and adding other issue, its not true that PS4 doesn't have any DRM, as today Sony clarified that third party publishers may decide to make such restrictions for used games.

    Yet everywhere we see PS4 headlined as no used game block as cited as a reason to get over rival system. Can we please try be factual?!! On top of EG website you can still see misleading information!!

    However, I hope people will give PSN+ and PS4 a good chance to provide its value for service as its been a great first year of PSN+ and would get better with PS4 I expect even with online gaming as part of equation.
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