#9655696, By Psiloc PSN Plus needed to play games online

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    Syrette wrote:
    Whizzo wrote:
    If anyone has a PS3 now and doesn't have PS Plus I'd question their sanity, especially as GAME were doing 12 month codes not that long ago for 20 quid.

    It's the best value proposition in gaming, sure you may not get something every month that you want but you'll get so much that's you'll easily get your money's worth.
    Broken record here but the best value proposition in console gaming is renting.

    I think it's simply a case of ignorance to think and say otherwise.

    Lovefilm is the best thing that's happened to me as a gamer.
    It's more expensive and you get fewer games that you have to give back, right? You might get games closer to their release date sure but better value it most certainly is not.

    Anyway. If BC via Gaikai is part of PS Plus, like it most certainly will be, then the online multiplayer part will just be a bit of value on the side for me as I find very little joy playing against anonymous strangers over the Internet. Might change my mind depending on how this focus on 'real' friends pans out.
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