#9674279, By So, Gaikai.

  • Deleted user 23 June 2013 20:42:01
    They plow millions into cloud tech not because they can but because they see a way to monetize it and so make money.

    While yes there is a hard limit to what is actually possible this is offset by what people are prepared to pay and what individuals can accept. History is full of ideas which didn't take off, just as much as littered with ideas which shouldn't of worked but captured the right moment.

    To think of a recent example , the PSP should of battered the DS for so many reasons but the DS was in the right place at the right time.

    Personally i think cloud gaming has limits but if attacked from the right angle can be very popular. Sure your not going to use it for permanent access to your favorite games but look at the comparison Netflix to BluRay. While Netflix is on a technical level inferior it is the right product if you just want to experience something. Similarly you wont want to plow hundreds of hours into your favorite RPG using gaikai but if you just fancy a something 'now' then is perfect.
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