#9655669, By Psiloc Playstation 4: Third Party Publishers can prevent 'Used' sales ....

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    AaronTurner wrote:
    jimlufc wrote:
    They can't stop you playing a single player game offline though can they. So its the same as the current gen unlike the Xbox One.
    Yes they can, one time activation online to access the game.

    But that could be done now, so nothing has changed, yet...
    I made this mistake too, thinking "well publishers will just create their own system to mirror how the Xbox 1 works". But they can't, for the simple reason that the PS4 doesn't ever, EVER, force you to go online (confirmed). The best they can do is online passes again which is by far the lesser of two evils, and who'd have thought that would ever be a real sentence.

    Games that KNOW you can go online, such as PSN games and multiplayer-only games, can and do use full DRM at the moment. Capcom is big on this, and faced a backlash when their games wouldn't work during the PSN outage. Can't imagine that ever happening again...
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