#9657933, By Psiloc Do not buy PS4 either

  • Psiloc 17 Jun 2013 12:01:36 4,517 posts
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    Accurate and well focused anger; the best kind.

    What pisses me off about people like the OP is the way they present it as a war on evil corporations, who - unless we fight back by pirating their stuff - will do everything in their power to take down our favourite sites like Eurogamer and Google. They will do this because piracy is free speech, so if they stop piracy, they stop free speech, so we should all fight back by downloading every season of Family Guy.

    What makes it so tragic is that this isn't any kind of 'front', they believe this shit. They are warriors in a war against 'THE CORPORATIONS'. Spotty, entitled, cosseted, friendless, virgin warriors.
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